marți, 12 decembrie 2017

3 easy ways to keep your hair beautiful

If you are stuggling with finding new ideas for you haircare routine and hairstyle, then I am here as always with a few tips and tricks that could be useful for you and your beloved fellow friends! Since I was little I have had long hair and loved to wear it in different types of braids but it wasn't always easy! When the weather outside is cold and rainy my hair tends to go frizzy and curled up so I got to learn as many tips and tricks for long and fine hair to prevent this sort of episodes that could ruin my perfect braided hair and today I am going to share with you some of my favourite tricks for a lavishing and beautiful hairstyle at any time of the day with or without long straight weave!

1. First of all, if you want to grow a long natural hair, you must pay attention to the products you use. I suggest you to read the labels before buying a product! Chosing the right shampoo for you scalp can do a lot to your hair. If you have thin dry hair then a nourishing shampoo and a conditioner for this particular type of hair would do just fine. You can complete your haircare routine with a hair oil or a leave in treatment that can be used before and after combing your hair. Don't forget about handmade maskes with natural ingredients like coconut or olive oil! Almost any kind of natural oil could help!

2. Try to dye your hair less and less because dyeing can be truly damaging to your natural hair. After a while of wearing hair dye your might experience dry ends, local irritations and a big need of professional hair care from a saloon expert. This whole experience can be as well very expensive because you must apply hair dye regulary to mantain a full and uniform shade. In case you choose to dye your hair or try some highlights then make sure you either go to a saloon or you attach deep wave weave that can ease up your work.
cheap hair bundles

3. Wear lace wigs or even more better: bundles and hair extenstions of premium virgin hair that only need minimum care. You can use some silk base closure types for a more intimate closure at the base of your hair for protection and strong closure as well. I suggest you to use one thing at a time and don't mix hair extensions with dee wave weave at the same time because the finish look could be messy and hard to comb and braid if you opt for a lush hairstyle. Use them periodicaly or daily if you must but don't forget to storage them properly and comb them everytime you use them. 

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luni, 11 decembrie 2017

Christmas Shoespie boots sale!

Hello my dears! I haven't spoken for a while here on my blog about shoes trends so I guess this is the perfect time for a short talk about the latest designs that you should wear and buy for the next up coming winter season! New Year's Eve is around the corner girls! If you haven't made up your mind with what to wear then you are almost on the verge of losing the best in stores so hurry up gals! If you work up until late and can't leave your office, then nce again online store and shoe fashion retailer Shoespie is the right place for you my dear! If you place an order from winter boots on the following hours and days you might get lucky and get them right on time to wear them before the first snow has layed down! This season the furrowed with low heel type of boots have made a breakthrough in fashion. Winter season is not all about cold and snow, but about elegance and utility in the most coldest days! Your daily outfit should not change a bit in the following days because of the weather. You can opt for a more warm outfit with thicker jackets and sweaters with seasonal prints and for your cold feet a warm pair of shoes you can buy from Shoespie Christmas best warm snow boots sale for a good price considering the fact that they are just recently added on the website at   I guess they are a reat deal right? I know there are many designs you could choose from so I want to help you and show on my blog just some pairs that are great for this year's trend with coloured beadings and traditional motives, some powdered pink ones that are both casual and classy and of course, last but not least, some examples of forrowed boots that would work just fine on your daily outfits for college or work! For more models and designs at cheap prices and Christmas white boots sale examples for you and your friends go there

duminică, 10 decembrie 2017

BestHairBuy online shopping guide

Hair products commercials that are frequently popping up on tv and our computer have only one purpose: to make your hair look lush and fuller, but how do you know which set of products and accessories do match your hair and fulfill your requirements? Should you wear a wig only or try out a new trend like body wave from BestHairBuy? Online reviews are often good for buyers that need a second or a third opinion on a service or product and based on them, many customers make an overall ideea for the recommended item and products. Following others opinions, you can also make a choice before buying something online and when it comes to beauty and fashion products, an online review and recommendation from an expect or reviewer can be handy. Here are a few tips you could use before applying for an online order on BestHairBuy website:

1. How to find a serious brand online
Sometimes the internet can fool you especialy if you are a novice and don't know too much about online shopping. When searching online for a product or a service, lots of similar results may come on the first page but whisch one are good or bad? How can you tell them appart? Well, once again, online reviews are ood for you! There are a lot of websites that could give you a hint about the online store you are visiting and falling for, so go there and ask others about their previous experiences with that sore and find out what they think about it. BestHairBuy customers will be there for you if you need them! They have already shared their opinions and pics for their looks online so check them if you are not sure what to buy!

2. Certified brand and good products
In most of cases, the top brands with online stores will have their main page up in the first Google page. This might give you a great hint that what are you looking for might be the right place and not some ordinary website that sells poor quality products. But one certain thing about a good quality product is the brand name! If it is a good one then it will be on everyones's lips and you will know it before even looking it up online! Certified brands have lots of customers world wide and can easily be found online and also in local stores in some cities. BestHairBuy no longer needs a new introduction because lots of customers have already made their recommendations and you will also see that the website will come in help for your needs with great online services.

3. New trend alerts
If you are falling for a new style then you should look up before for informations and requirements. You could choose from professional saloon services on your natural hair or from a new set of loose wave that ould be used simply at home with minimum maintanance. Hair dyeing can cause long term damages to your natural hair so the second option is the best considering the fact that some fashion trends only last for one season! BestHairBuy has lots of products range and the special cathegories could help you find what is best for you and your new style ou want to adopt. Look up for the special sections of reviews and customers photos to watch their lovely experience with the BestHairBuy natural wave. For more online vouchers and price dropiing news follow the social media accounts:

joi, 7 decembrie 2017

Cum iti potolesti rapid bebelusul care plange

Viata de mamica vine cu bune si cu rele, momentele frumoase alternand cu cele de panica. Daca la inceput plansul copilului este o experienta foarte emotionanta, dupa o vreme disperarea incepe sa se citeasca pe fata femeii care nu intelege de ce acesta continua sa planga, chiar daca a fost schimbat, hranit, alintat. Primul lucru, pe care trebuie sa-l faca femeia cand bebe plange, este sa se controleze pe ea insasi, sa nu sara ca arsa si sa-l faca sa taca, sa se calmeze si sa nu recurga la actiuni ciudate, cum ar fi sa-l plimbe noaptea cu masina, sa bage in priza aspiratorul sau masina de spalat pentru ca zgomotul il calmeaza sau sa cante pana raguseste. Plansul copilului trebuie gestionat cu calm si o mamica inteligenta va gasi o rezolvare destul de rapida.

Iata cateva metode perfecte pentru a linisti un bebe plangacios:

1. Daca plansul se datoreaza unei probleme de sanatate, atunci mamica trebuie sa fie atenta si la alte simptome care i-ar indica existenta vreunei afectiuni medicale. Vizita la medicul de familie sau la specialist trebuie avuta in vedere pentru ca altfel situatia s-ar putea inrautati. In acest caz, plansul copilului poate fi ostoit in bratele mamei care-l va legana usor si il va asigura prin apropierea fizica ca totul va fi bine;

2. Un copil poate plange si pentru ca nu i se acorda suficienta atentie sau poate pentru ca se plictiseste. Intotdeauna parintii trebuie sa se doteze cu cateva jucarii utile, cu un colorit viu, care sa-i stimuleze micutului imaginatia si dorinta de aventura, in acest sens pot cumpara jucarii lego de pe site-ul si pot incerca impreuna sa creeze tot ce isi doreste imaginatia copiilor lor;

3. Schimbarea scutecelului murdar va face minuni si ca prin magie scancetele vor inceta brusc. Inainte ca mama sa se streseze inutil si sa incerce tot felul de solutii de calmare, ea va controla scutecul, chiar daca tocmai ce il schimbase de putin timp; 

4. Uneori bebe plange si ca-i este foame, iar lacrimile de crocodil i se rostogolesc pe fata si nimic nu-l poate linisti. Tot ce are de facut mama in aceasta situatie este sa-i ofere sanul bogat in lichidul pretios sau biberonul cu formula de lapte praf preferata, iar foamea va fi astamparata, la fel si acele ”oa-oa”;

5. Foarte multe mamici recomanda pentru calmarea plansului o modalitate traditionala, anume leganatul. Chiar daca pentru multe femei este mai usor si mai economic sa-si foloseasca bratele, totusi activitatea in sine este una foarte obositoare, iar plansul nu se potoleste cu una, cu doua. O idee geniala este achizitionarea unui balansoar ce simuleaza perfect leganarea oferita de mama si care poate fi gasit pe site-ul la un pret avantajos.

Asadar, indiferent de cat de tare plange un bebe, parintele trebuie sa ramana calm, sa gestioneze situatia profesionist si sa identifice cauza acestui comportament. Situatia se va rezolva mai usor sau mai greu, depinde de fiecare bebelus in parte. 

joi, 23 noiembrie 2017

Ready for winter season shopping!

The early Christmas birs will hunt the new arrivals for and lower prices more than ever so that the following period they are assured they have enough time left for gift shopping for the loved ones or for listening to carols with the family while cooking for Christmas dinner. Online shopping is more affordable and easy for those whom find themselves in a bit of a hurry for gifts and winter time shoppings. And as usual, FashionMia had already embraced the winter season and prepared throughly for the upcoming days with lots of winter season themed items for Christmas lovers! If you are still looking for the perfect gift for you girlfriend or sister, then here is one great ideea you could use for both of them! Have you noticed the fashion style they like? Are they following the newest trends always and find it impossible to make them fit the Christmas season? Well do not worry too much because you can make the two oh them (girlfriend/spouse and sister) very happy with a seasonal printed cheap sweatshirt that will go perfect in the family picture! Here are some items you could buy online or get yourself some inspiration from!
 reindeer blouse

 Merry Christmas to you

For the ones that are more likely the type of girl that like to be on top of everything and always wants to look great no matter what, then a womens bodycon dresses cathegory from the website would come in handy for you guys, because pleasing a girl in love with fashion could be a hard thing to do! If you are not sure of the choice you are going to make or what designs to pick up don't forget to consult before not only her closet (without her noticing) but also her best friend or mother because they could give you lots of new suggestions and ideeas for a perfect gift for her to find under the Chrsitmas tree in the morning! And for you there are going to be some great gifts too! just don't forget to be good and let your loved one know that only on FashionMia you can find what you want!